Businesses, homes, and practically every area in the world have the telephones at the very core of their as everybody's means of communications. In business in particular, you would need to make every call in your office to be your potential sales and thus this would need among the top priority in your business communication. Thus, you would need a very good VoIP Phones system, in the same way you would need an experienced staff, in order to get to the goal of your company's communication.  Telephones are at the heart of every communication taking place within the premises of a business. This would mean spending for communication equipment or an up-graded or well maintained communication system.


It is undeniable that a good Telephone Systems Kenya would enhance or improve your business operations. Productivity among employees would increase thus reducing your business costs and an efficient and fast method of contacting your customers.  Note that there various types of telephone systems and with different features. It is then advisable that you get the type of telephone system that would suit best to your requirements. Thus there are some factors to bear in mind when choosing or buying your telephone system.


First thing to consider when choosing your telephone system is the number of people who will be using the telephone. This number of employees who will work in your office will be a determining factor of the number of units you will require. From this number of employees, take into consideration those who will be requiring telephone extension or who will be sharing the phone set with fellow employee. Once you have determined this, then you will know the number of extensions you need and further on look for a telephone system that can support that number of extensions you need.


Another consideration you have to take aside from the number of your existing employees is the growth rate of your company that you are projecting. It is advisable that when you are setting the number of extensions, you should also consider the number of extensions that you might be requiring in the coming future.


In the selection of a telephone system, another important consideration is the traffic in your business area. There are other offices that would be receiving more calls than the other businesses in their daily transaction. These offices would consider the traffic of their calls a very important factor. In this case, they would need a telephone system that can take several calls at a time. And because of the heavy call traffic, they would need a voice mail feature too so that when the phone lines are very busy, call messages can be recorded by the callers thus leaving no communications left out.


It is recommended that when choosing a telephone system, there should be a licensed support and service together with it. Talking to the people who will manage the telephone system in your office will also be necessary. This will help them have the insight of the issues and importance they will be facing with the telephone system and know the requirements with regards to the telephone system of the company.



Note that it is the dealer of the telephone system who will handle the installation and programming of your telephone system. Since you will be entering a long term business relationship with a particular dealer of your choosing, it is important that you get the best sale and after sale services of the dealer and you take some time to check out the operations of the dealer. A good dealer should have the expertise to analyze your business needs and be able to come up with the specifications that you need for your type of operations.