The operating principle of all the telephone systems is basically similar as all the generations copy their working mechanism from the past models of the discovery. To be specific, the telephone system is an instrument which is used to achieve communication between people who are far from each other. A telephone system usually transmits sound signals from one person to the other who is the receiver of the signal. The signals which are sent by the caller are converted into waves which then go to the receiver and heard in the speaker. The same waves of sound are reconverted into sound signals making the connection complete. This allows conversation between the caller and the receiver. The telephone network is always universal as anyone can make a call. There are digits which are dialed so that the system differentiates the calls to different recipients. The network ensures instantaneous connection of the two persons as it provides for a two-way mode of conversation.


The caller has to pick the handset for them to make a call. On pulling the handset, the signals are sent to the routing network. The signals pass to the frequency generator using the phone line. The digits keyed in the handset represent different codes which have unique tone frequencies. Several figures are combined to have unique delivery to the recipient intended. The speaker is always the earpiece while the mouthpiece represents the microphone where sound signals are input into the system. Examples of these methods include the CCTV Security Kenya system which has been used in Kenya. This telephone system has been used in Kenya to enable communication between different people. This telephone system, PBX, has been replaced by the VoIP technology of communication.



This VoIP technology has increased its popularity due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness. It is now being used by several business organizations. The VoIP stands for voice over the internet protocol, and it is useful in communication in businesses. The internet telephone is currently being implemented by several business firms to assist in interactions among the staff. The VoIP technology uses a computer to private computer network hence maximum security. The businesses which use this VoIP system enjoy low cost but high-performance videos and voice calls. These telephones are simple to use. It is also effortless to manage the VoIP telephones. A stable internet connectivity is needed for the phone to work well. It is very quick to install the IP Telephony system with low-cost maintenance costs. The service provider takes the responsibility to establish the system and programs it to suit the needs of the business.